Headshots aren’t just for actors!

Let me tell you–I’ve been doing quite a few headshot sessions since I’ve gotten to college and starting working my own business. Honestly, these are my favorite sessions to shoot (followed very closely by weddings).

Most of my headshot sessions have been with actors, dancers, or singers because they need them for auditions.


if you’re in the business world often you need them, too!

I had the pleasure of doing headshots with Mary who was on my dorm my sophomore year at Liberty and we share a love for the theatre as she went to high school just down the road from my high school!

Anyway, check out these gorgeous pictures of this girl. :) Thanks for the privilege of getting to do your shots!


Keeping up to date

I have honestly completely forgotten about updating this website ;)

I am hoping to keep this up to date more! But in the mean time, see what projects I’ve been a part of in the past few months below!

Ross Wedding. This was such a privilege to be a part of! This was an incredibly God-honoring wedding full of beautiful, fun people! Grateful for the trip to Twinsburg, Ohio to make this happen :)


Yoga Pictures: 1 2 3
These photos are for a yoga studio down in Florida to be posted once a week! :) These were taken at the Riverlofts in Downtown Lynchburg.


Bri and Chris Merrill – last minute engagement shoot just a month before they got married!! :) Taken at Old City Cemetery, Lynchburg, VA


Jacob Beasley‘s newest round of headshots! Turned into a little bit of a fashion shoot as well ;) These were taken all around Downtown Lynchburg.


A Nightmare Before Christmas themed photoshoot with my beautiful friend Nicola :) Perfectly fitting, we took these at Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, VA.


Josh Carter‘s newest headshots with his smiling face and dashing good looks. These pictures were taken downtown Lynchburg and the Historic District Downtown.


Christie Osterhus and I have been friends for a very long time now. She did my hair; I took her pictures. What a stunner! These were taken all around Downtown Lynchburg…in a ton of snow.


My RA and friend Liz Shoemaker graduated from Liberty this spring! She’s a great woman of God and an incredible musician. These were also taken at Old City Cemetery.

HEADSHOT (2 of 4)

This girl is my roommate! Aidan–can’t wait to officially have us move in together in Lynchburg! These were taken at the pond behind the Jerry Falwell Library on Liberty University’s campus!


Back around Christmas time I did a photoshoot of an old friend from high school and her family! The Haney children wanted to surprise their parents…and we had a blast making it happen! These were taken at the Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, VA.


These were just a few headshots this guy and I grabbed randomly one evening…and this is actually one of my favorite shoots! These are pictures of Casey Jordan around downtown Lynchburg.


I was privileged to take pictures of a beautiful young woman who has started her own fashion blog! She recently moved down to Charlotte but I got to take a bunch of her first :) Camryn Stahlman-Dwyer and CoralandCharm.com


Thanks for following and reading! Expect some new posts in the future with lots of fun!

Jeremy Webb-Headshots

Here are some headshots I took of this actor this week! He is currently portraying “Common Man” in A Man for All Seasons right now at Liberty University! Playing until the 26th get your tickets! (434-582-SEAT)

For full gallery click here

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Rebekah and Michael Heffington

Loved this wedding! For my first time by myself, I think I did a decent job. What a beautiful couple and beautiful wedding! Many blessings and prayers to y’all as you enter into this wonderful time as newly weds.

Full gallery


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Headshots galore!

It has been such a blessing to take pictures of some marvelous actors here in Liberty University’s theatre department! Feel free to give it a look on my PASS!

(For future reference, I’m attaching these links [available for 30 days] for pictures to be seen :)

Jacob Wallin


Josh Carter


Jonathan Hogue


Casey Jordan



Playing Catch-up


This gallery contains 33 photos.

It’s been a little while since I have posted anything here! It’s been a busy semester to say the least. So here are some pictures to update y’all with my business :) Sarah Anne Reed-Pageant Headshots. Awkward “Family” Photos. Brie … Continue reading